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Thursday, December 2

dying soon


Sunday, November 28

Enchanted Fairy Tale night

Yesterday my darling and I went for Grand Kampar Hotel for the prom night which is organised by the Art and Craft society. I first time going this kind of function wit my love one, heavy make up on my face and he likes it. The ball room there have a nice decoration, nice buffet, good show.. but is just lack of dining table. We took alot of photographs. Especially Cally, crazy keep on snap and snap. We also danced, taking photos, looking at beauties. We complement the performers althought they performed sucks songs. :P!! I love the clown, he keep on falling his red nose.hehe.. i didn't bring back the red dog and white rabbit that he give us.^^ We most enjoy the Bani and friends performance. ROCK N ROOLL... cool man. But overall besides the Bani performance, I feel that there is nothing different than our annual dinner..yeah!

Monday, October 25

Bye 1st annual dinner

Finally our utc 1st Annual Dinner is over yesterday. We had started to prepare and prepare more than 1 month, proposal,meeting, discuss, bought gifts, wrapping presents, informing clubs,committees and other..all end. Although people say that i stupid and not worth in putting so much effort on it, but since u have responsibility to do so, i should give it all. Honestly i am happy and has remain a deep memories with them.^^
When the event start, i'm so excited and busy working in the receptionist.WOW..difficult to express my feeling that time. luckily Leong Wei helping us. There are not so many guest attending the dinner and the whole program flow are worst. Everyone make mistakes even me. Being scolded by Sir. haiz.. i'm didn't have potential to being a waitress. So bad that i even no time to serve my loved one which waiting behind the stage. This few days keep on making serious mistakes. Must remember and don't repeat it. During working that time, i miss my darling so much.. donno how was he inside there. like being pity neh. We so happy we can meet during the games session, he looks like free from jail..haha.. after finished his meal. He went back to jail again.:( During the open dance floor, everyone look enjoyed. Just felt like clubbing, but i didn't went clubbing before de. Those songs i likes so much and we started to dance.^^

After finished the event, some of us went to Fat Fat restaurant supper.. What a tired day.

Monday, October 11

我很想念去年的日子。 可以为所欲为,不知那么得潇洒。
先在的自己不像自己,所讲的话是真是假, 已分不清了。



Sunday, September 19

Sleepless night

Insomnia again, i didn't get a good sleep whole night since start exam (13/9). Now I'm awake and nothing to do. I'm stressed. But thanks for darling beside me and support me all the time.Muacks..
Yesterday i had finished my Corporate and business law exam but just now sleeping also thinking of it. This is the most hardest subject to study in this sem, i really hopes that i can pass. I almost end my second sem 1 yr in a week. Still left 2 paper to go ( marketing and Macro).
After finished our exam yest, my darling and i went to Ipoh had our dinner and watching Piranha at 10.15pm. This movie Really...Bloodiness...Horrible..Vomit. Piranha spoils cute fish images in my mind. First time watch this kind of movie in cinema leh. The most funny was i grabbed his hand and shorts from the beginning until end of movie.^^ i enjoyed the day so much. taste of 先苦后甜. Then we went back Kampar at 12am.

Monday, August 9

new hairstyle..

Although this week i ady finished all my assignment and mid-term, but still gt a lot meeting need to attended. Today IS class, i alone. ashlynn approach my side and she has teach me some secretary's works. she know i have to do my 1st proposal on the annual dinner event. she told me after every meeting need to write minutes, proposal, budget, online application... i totally understand her y she so stress when the time she need to handle mid-term and writting all the taek's reports. Thanks for her also.

Last Saturday, I change my new hairstyle. cut it became short. i felt so good but look so bad. everyone also prise my short hair is nice, but i don think so. this hairstyle makes me looks like small kid. i even not dare to take any self-photo anymore. i spend RM17 to cut this hair and once spoiled my hair again. Honestly the salon there was quite good business and alot of customers come at the closing time.

7 month ady darling.. u know wat i means?

Thursday, July 8

Laziness i skip QT2 and mk tt. sien..
This week doono y la. everyday class i also feel tired and sleepy, somemore no mood.:'( Blink an eyes, so fast finished my week 6 and all the assignments and mid-term test are marching here 1 by 1. Because of that, i skip n skip lec and tutorial class with them. :) I almost become rank no.2 penteng queen ady. So lazy la.
Last night i'm so down until i remember and all the sadness's memories reflect on my mind... This wouldn't happens before since once I study at UTAR. I remember how those people threat me and i never forget. I'm not an air bag and don think u can bully me as u like. I'll hate u whole life.

Monday, July 5

Still B.friend?

Yesterday i had a sad night. I'm sleepless because of u(SKN). All the year, I doono u bared and hiding so much problems which was related on me and u refuse to told me. Am i really hard to mix in with u? Or is your own problem. u always says that i'm nt understand u but actually u donno i'm the one who too understand u until i know what i should or shouldn't do with u. Now, i'm Regret. I regret i get too close with u until u get so much of misunderstanding from others person. Because of this, unnecessary n irrational argue happened between us. Everytime talking with u, u only know how to blaming on others, did u thinks how's people feel? U are those person who didn't care other's feeling and u even donno I feel stress when talking with u, so i choose not to tell u.
I donno i still wanna talk with u or we just be stranger. Really get dissapointed with u.

Tuesday, June 15

Rush hour

Just past the 14Th of jun 45min ago. Yesterday my time really packed and fulled.
Now, i feel tired, sleepy and my butt so pain, i think this happened maybe because of i wearing tight jeans and i sitting too much and too long. I'm busy on this whole day and even i can't get my meal on time. I'm woke up in earlier morning around 6.30am and attending my Law class at 8am, so that i've to rush back kampar. But luckily my dad fetch me to the campus, if not, i surely late for the class.
** Today's class are quiet good and i can understand in the lesson especially the Law lecture and QT tutorial. Because I sat alone ma, so i can concentrate more. Btw, i also lonely there er:(
**Then I having all day class until the class end at 8pm. I thought i can happily enjoyed dinner with my darling after the last class. But not, in the afternoon we have received a sms that we need to go meeting at 8.30pm. The time that given to us was so rush until I wish to hang myself. Therefore, We skip our dinner and having supper in pasar after the meeting end at 11.05pm.
** I cannot stand anymore, it's better go to sleep now. nite.

Saturday, June 5

hate this

What a boring day.. no one talk to me whole day and a have nothing to tell and share also. i'm wasting my time in fb and watching tv and also fall sleep when doing my tutorial. I even stupid in waiting someone calling and sms. i really upset by waiting this until i can't sleep at night.. From now on, i won't expecting so much and let it be.. i don want to say much as long as this is not something important..
I remember what u tell me and i still keep thinking of it. i'm mad.

Friday, May 21

Sweetest Moments...

I need to admit, sweet moments in our life always flew in a blink of an eye. Well, i have my very second trip with my sweetie abt two days ago. Yes we do enjoy our time being together. =) Allow me briefly describe my sweetest trip yet....
For the 1st day, we woke up at 6 morning. Cause the driver said gonna reach at 7, so need to make some time adjustment, although the driver was abit of late... XD
After 2 hours van journey, I really felt the pain in my ass. The seat was as hard as the wood plank. Never mind, still reached our destination though. We checked in first, then took our lunch later on. Well i did rmb vividly my sweetie likes shopping vy much. So after our lunch, we went for shopping in the First World Plaza. Just shopped for 2 hours, my legs ran out of battery. Needed to back hotel to recharge. *Pai seh le, sweetie. =D"
When our battery fully charged, we went towards the Snow House. Luckily they gt boots, if not my sweetie will get a cold feet. Haha... cause she was wearing high heels. *Fully understood the reason sweetie, GIRLS mar..." XD
At night, my sweetie and i planned for karaoke. Well den, spent RM50 smtg for a room and a set of dinner of us. Really enojoyed than moment, especially for me, cause this was first time ever in my life. Hehe....
The 2nd day, we woke up at 9. After washed up, we took our breakfast at First World Cafe. Honestly, the name sounded so nice, but the food tasted so crap. *sigh* Nvm, luckily was free. =D
After our breakfast, I bought the theme park whole day entry tickets. The game i was most enjoyed was the Roller Coaster. Cant describe more for that, you all really need to feel it urself. =P
Hmm, then we have our lunch at Hai Nan Restaurant. Another expensive meal, but kinda nice really. *Actually all the food in Genting more less the same. =D "
Well, after lunch, den we continue our fun journey. We went for the 4D motion film. Kinda real. Better than 3D movie.
Dinner at Vietnam House, the food "mar mar dei" only.
Next morning, same thing, buffet breakfast. Boring.... This day, really ntg much to write. Because really boring. We just went for shopping again. At 5, the van fetch us back to Kampar. And The End of the story. Haha.... =D

Friday, May 14

2 days in penang

12th May(Wed), I'm waiting this day coming way before I started final exam. It was the 1st time my darling and I have trip together, although penang has nothing fun over there, but we were enjoyed every moment.^^

This day we departed our journey at 8am n reached there around 10.30am. We go Gurney plaza shopping and went GSC watched IP Man2 and Clash of Titans in 3G. Like the Ip man 2 very much, just hope this movie can get awards. BTW, i really forgot i had watched Clash of titans after darling bought the tickets. I think this year I watch too many movies in cinema ady. But honestly, we felt 3G screen was nothing different with normal one. We also have our breakfast and lunch in the mall. Kim Gary and a Chinese restaurant which i forgot the name ady. Ermm, those foods there are expensive and not so delicious after all. Indeed we were satisfied those foods along the roadside stall which are nearby the sunway hotel at night.

The next day, after we had our buffet breakfast in hotel, we went Queesbay shopping again. So happy that i bought a nice formal shirt.^^ Only now I have realised that in every boutique shop, 'man are not allow' in ladies fitting room. Therefore, when i want to try shirt, my darling only can wait outside. so pity. After that, we both went to watch Robin Hood. During that time i felt not very well in cinema. My stomach ache and felt wanted to vomit after I have ate a bowl of baked cheese tuna rice and a tiramisu blended drink. It was nice and delicious but i can't finished my food also. It made me bloated. After the movie, we both rush back to Kampar at 5.30pm and 2n half hrs reached Kampar.

Nothing much to write, time passed too fast and lots of memories and feelings only can remain in my mind. Darling, wherever we are, i'm love to be with u.^^

Thursday, April 22

my car sticker..

Today I'm investigate by 2 utar officer at the gym room after we rush back from ipoh for paying the booking fees for the genting trip with darling. Afterthat,they asking me what was happening and want me to telling the truth for the incident of being confiscated the car sticker by the security guard. That time I was totally same like a prisoner which want me to told them the story of that day from beginning to end and answering their repeated questions. I donno why they have to make this so troublesome and this just a the small case. Somemore they want me to write a report on the spot. These investigation already take me an hour time to complete. Now the problem is the car registratiom form was lost and they wanted me to show it to them as evidence as soon as possible.
Haiz.. i donno how!

Monday, April 19


小朋友写: 原来他是我爸爸。
老师评语: 妈妈关切一下

题目: (树呀树呀)我把你(种下)
小朋友写: (汤圆汤圆)我把你(吃掉) 
  老师评语: 真是可爱~~

题目: ..一边...........一边............ ..
小朋友写: 她一边脱衣服,一边穿裤子.
老师评语: 她到底要脱还是要穿啊~~

题目: 课本
小朋友写: 上课本来就很无聊。

题目: 吃香
小朋友写: 我很喜欢吃香蕉。
老师评语: 小心噎到

题目: 天真
小朋友写: 今天真热。
老师评语: 你真天真~~

题目: 十分
小朋友写: 我今天考十分。
老师评语: 我会跟你爸妈说~~

题目: 其中
小朋友写: 我的其中一只左脚受伤了。
老师评语: 你是蜈蚣?~~

題目: 你看
小朋友写: 你看什么看 ! 没看过啊!

例题: 别人都夸我( ),其实我( )
小朋友写: 别人都夸我( 很帅 ),其实我( 是戴面具的 )。
老师评语: 什么面具这么好用???

题目: 好 ... 又好 ..
小朋友写: 妈妈的腿,好细又好粗...
老师评语: 那到底是细还是粗?

题目: 陆陆续续
小朋友写: 下班了,爸爸陆陆续续的回来。
老师评语: 你到底有几个爸爸呀?

题目: 先...再...
例题: 先吃饭,再洗澡。
小朋友写: 先生,再见!

题目: 天涯海角小朋友写: 妹妹乱跑跑到天涯海角。
老师评语: 你妹妹真会跑~~

題目: 一直
小朋友写: 我画了一直线。
老师评语: .......... .......

小朋友写: 我骑在马上。
老师评语: 马上来找老师!

题目: 皮开肉绽
小朋友写: 停电的夜晚,到处很黑,我吓得皮开肉绽!
老师评语: 看到这句... 老师佩服你。。

题目: 欣欣向荣-比喻生长美好的样子
小朋友写: 我的弟弟长得欣欣向荣。
老师评语: 孩子,你弟弟是植物人吗...
小朋友写: 欣欣向荣荣告白。
老师评语: 连续剧不要看太多~~

题目: 谢谢....因为......
小朋友写: 我要谢谢妈妈,因为她每天都帮我写作业......
老师评语: 原来你的作业是妈妈写的!!!!!!!

题目: 难过
小朋友写: 我家门前有条水沟很难过。
老师评语: 老师更难过......

题目: 如果小朋友写: 汽水不如果汁营养。
小朋友写: 假如果汁不好喝就不要喝。
老师评语: Orz.....

题目: 干脆
小朋友写: 饼干脆脆的很好吃!
老师评语: (无语).......... =.=

题目: 天才
小朋友写: 我3天才洗一次澡。
老师评语: 要每天洗才干净~~

題目: 一…便…
小朋友写: 我一走出门,对面就是便利商店。
小朋友写: 哥哥一吃完饭,就大便。
老师评语: 造句不要乱造...

題目: 非常
小朋友写: 我不知道非常是什么意思。
老师评语: 不知道要问....

題目: 因为...所以... 小朋友写: 因为有爸爸妈妈,所以我才诞生在这世上。
老师评语: 扣5分....

題目: 又.....又.....
小朋友写: 我的妈妈又矮又高又瘦又肥。




题目: 况且

Monday, April 12

Fantasie in F minor, Op. 49

Fantasie in F minor, Op. 49 Fryderyk Chopin (1810 - 1849)

Composed during a less productive period in 1841 after Chopin shifted from Paris to Nohant, Fantasie marked a departure from the ‘brilliant style’ of public pianism associated with his contemporaries Hummel and Weber.

The word Fantasie is used loosely with historical associations from Bach’s organ fantasias, as well as specific genre markers, such as the slow march, prelude, recitative and chorale according to Chopin‘s imagination. For example, Fantasy on Polish Airs, Op. 13, is a chain of variations on a popular theme. This Fantasie, Op.49, on the other hand, resembles his ballades in written-out improvisation while gesturing towards themes in the composer’s wider repertory. Yet, unlike the mazurkas and polonaises, the piece does not contain Slavonic nationalistic qualities often attributed to Chopin by nationalistic Russian composers.

Fantasie begins with a slow match before dying away into a slow, improvisatory section with preluding arpeggiations. A stanzaic melody, with internal repeats based on the eight-bar classical sentence, appears after the exuberant chromatic parlando plunges to the lowest C. The first tonal and thematic cycle enters singing, playing host to the vocal bel canto in Italian opera, that leads on to an enchanting portamento of operatic duet textures. Unsurprisingly, such vocal imitation was facilitated by the development of the sustaining pedal during Chopin’s time.

The melody soon splinters into symmetrically mirrored figurations, heavily elaborated by modulation and chromaticism before octaves charge forth in contrary motion. The intense, climatic E flat section is then quelled by a stately march. Chopin then prolonged the piece by recycling thematic materials into different keys, separated only by the intermission of a peaceful chorale. Just as in the Polonaise-fantasie, the slow, serene B major movement falls within a prevailing A flat major.

Throughout, the tension between two tonal regions (the tonal ‘relatives’ in F minor and A flat major) implies a two-key scheme, and produces a drama of large-scale tonal relationships. In fact, Chopin privileged tonic, subdominant and submediant keys above the dominant as a means of structural expansion.

As seen, a coherent structure is buried beneath this supposedly aimless piece - it is almost a sonata-form with tonal and directional support. The ternary design alludes to the classical three-part song structure, with Chopin mediating between the etudes and preludes, the nocturnes and the dances through common motives, voice-leading threads across each caesura, hence sustaining the intensity of the piece. Chopin’s genius lies in its tonal organisation: how the chain of ascending thirds (namely f - A flat - c - E flat - G flat - [B] - b flat - D flat - f - A flat) adds shape and design to the piece. Also, similar figurations from his march from op. 36 as well as with the prelude of op. 28 no. 3 are cross-pollinated here. The resultant layers of meaning could only strengthen our appreciation of the wistfully beautiful Fantasie.

Written by Louis, Master Degree on Piano.

Sunday, April 11

Moments that wanna share...

Yesterday, i have brought my frens went to Ipoh for movie. And i also met up wif my sweetie of course. We watched the movie "Clash of the Titans". Well, i think that movie was kinda nice. Quite intense... After that, my sweetie and i went for lunch. *Dunno wat was the restaurant's name ady =D" But overall the food there was quite delicious and kinda expensive also. Haha XD. Nevermind though, had a great time wid my sweetie. After lunch, we did some SHOPPINGGGG in Jusco, which is my sweetie's FAVOURITE. Isn't it sweetie?? =P
At night when i was studying there, my sweetie suddenly told me she was very stressful wid her studies. I did understand abt her feelin' cause i myself also went thru this b4. It's just the matter whether you can cope wid it. Sweetie, always think of the bright side. Things will be better tommorrow. Trust me....
If you need a shoulder to lean on, i'll be always be there...
If you need a listener to speak things out, i'll always ready..
Support you always, Ying Ying. =)

By your darling: Ethan

Saturday, April 10

I'm Down

i donno what happened to me this few days. i thinks alot and felt wanna to cry, but i donno what for. i'm insomnia, pyrexia, moody and depressed. i'm start worrying about my final exam and i have started doing revision, i know i get low marks in my coursework. i donno y we study and discuss together and i get this shit of marks. i very sad n disappointed. i really missed last time ahyong n me always studies together and having fun there.. i felt relaxed and enjoyed being study wit her. But after we are in degree, we seldom meet and didn't even chatting wit her. Miss her. :( Now, i really stressful and i wanted pop out!! ><

Tuesday, April 6

Darling.. By my side

Morning: We took breakfast together after i have finished my tutorial class.

Afternoon: 12pm, we went back to campus. That was the very 1st time my dear spent his sleeping time accompany me to acc class. U know, i always skip this class de..^^ everytime I really felt bored and sleepy during the lecture class, the notes given were oversimplify and consist only a few slides per chapter which made me did not understand and confused. But today still ok la, at least he was beside me and reading his magazine-Reader Digest. So charm de is in lec hall, our friend,R saw us sat together and our relationship obviously exposed. Haiz..i forgot R is same lec wit me. Therefore we have nothing to hide anymore.

Night: Around 7.30pm, my dear and i went to Lawan Kuda to have our dinner. Although i'm starve but still enjoy along the way, because he talk non-stop.hehe.. He brought me to a restaurant which my family and I didn't went before. Then we both ordered a plate taufu and chicken. emm.. it's yummy. :D

Sunday, April 4


Well, as you all can see my sweetie has just created her own blog. I'm just drop by here to fill up her blog. Haha XD
Please do feel free to vist our blog and do not hesitate to comment ya. By the way, nice blog sweetie. Love ya. Muacksss..... =)

HELLO... what a new start

Err... I suddenly have a feelin' wanna create my own blog. Sometimes I saw my friend's blog were designed with beautiful and animated picture, layout and background. I'm kinda attracted to it so i made up my mind to create one for myself , because I do love in design..
Last time I felt that write a blog is just let others to look into your privacy. But now i wouldn't think so. I wish to write down all my best momories in University's life with my dearest friends and especially with dearest sweet darling.. =)