Thursday, July 8

Laziness i skip QT2 and mk tt. sien..
This week doono y la. everyday class i also feel tired and sleepy, somemore no mood.:'( Blink an eyes, so fast finished my week 6 and all the assignments and mid-term test are marching here 1 by 1. Because of that, i skip n skip lec and tutorial class with them. :) I almost become rank no.2 penteng queen ady. So lazy la.
Last night i'm so down until i remember and all the sadness's memories reflect on my mind... This wouldn't happens before since once I study at UTAR. I remember how those people threat me and i never forget. I'm not an air bag and don think u can bully me as u like. I'll hate u whole life.

Monday, July 5

Still B.friend?

Yesterday i had a sad night. I'm sleepless because of u(SKN). All the year, I doono u bared and hiding so much problems which was related on me and u refuse to told me. Am i really hard to mix in with u? Or is your own problem. u always says that i'm nt understand u but actually u donno i'm the one who too understand u until i know what i should or shouldn't do with u. Now, i'm Regret. I regret i get too close with u until u get so much of misunderstanding from others person. Because of this, unnecessary n irrational argue happened between us. Everytime talking with u, u only know how to blaming on others, did u thinks how's people feel? U are those person who didn't care other's feeling and u even donno I feel stress when talking with u, so i choose not to tell u.
I donno i still wanna talk with u or we just be stranger. Really get dissapointed with u.