Monday, August 9

new hairstyle..

Although this week i ady finished all my assignment and mid-term, but still gt a lot meeting need to attended. Today IS class, i alone. ashlynn approach my side and she has teach me some secretary's works. she know i have to do my 1st proposal on the annual dinner event. she told me after every meeting need to write minutes, proposal, budget, online application... i totally understand her y she so stress when the time she need to handle mid-term and writting all the taek's reports. Thanks for her also.

Last Saturday, I change my new hairstyle. cut it became short. i felt so good but look so bad. everyone also prise my short hair is nice, but i don think so. this hairstyle makes me looks like small kid. i even not dare to take any self-photo anymore. i spend RM17 to cut this hair and once spoiled my hair again. Honestly the salon there was quite good business and alot of customers come at the closing time.

7 month ady darling.. u know wat i means?