Friday, May 21

Sweetest Moments...

I need to admit, sweet moments in our life always flew in a blink of an eye. Well, i have my very second trip with my sweetie abt two days ago. Yes we do enjoy our time being together. =) Allow me briefly describe my sweetest trip yet....
For the 1st day, we woke up at 6 morning. Cause the driver said gonna reach at 7, so need to make some time adjustment, although the driver was abit of late... XD
After 2 hours van journey, I really felt the pain in my ass. The seat was as hard as the wood plank. Never mind, still reached our destination though. We checked in first, then took our lunch later on. Well i did rmb vividly my sweetie likes shopping vy much. So after our lunch, we went for shopping in the First World Plaza. Just shopped for 2 hours, my legs ran out of battery. Needed to back hotel to recharge. *Pai seh le, sweetie. =D"
When our battery fully charged, we went towards the Snow House. Luckily they gt boots, if not my sweetie will get a cold feet. Haha... cause she was wearing high heels. *Fully understood the reason sweetie, GIRLS mar..." XD
At night, my sweetie and i planned for karaoke. Well den, spent RM50 smtg for a room and a set of dinner of us. Really enojoyed than moment, especially for me, cause this was first time ever in my life. Hehe....
The 2nd day, we woke up at 9. After washed up, we took our breakfast at First World Cafe. Honestly, the name sounded so nice, but the food tasted so crap. *sigh* Nvm, luckily was free. =D
After our breakfast, I bought the theme park whole day entry tickets. The game i was most enjoyed was the Roller Coaster. Cant describe more for that, you all really need to feel it urself. =P
Hmm, then we have our lunch at Hai Nan Restaurant. Another expensive meal, but kinda nice really. *Actually all the food in Genting more less the same. =D "
Well, after lunch, den we continue our fun journey. We went for the 4D motion film. Kinda real. Better than 3D movie.
Dinner at Vietnam House, the food "mar mar dei" only.
Next morning, same thing, buffet breakfast. Boring.... This day, really ntg much to write. Because really boring. We just went for shopping again. At 5, the van fetch us back to Kampar. And The End of the story. Haha.... =D

Friday, May 14

2 days in penang

12th May(Wed), I'm waiting this day coming way before I started final exam. It was the 1st time my darling and I have trip together, although penang has nothing fun over there, but we were enjoyed every moment.^^

This day we departed our journey at 8am n reached there around 10.30am. We go Gurney plaza shopping and went GSC watched IP Man2 and Clash of Titans in 3G. Like the Ip man 2 very much, just hope this movie can get awards. BTW, i really forgot i had watched Clash of titans after darling bought the tickets. I think this year I watch too many movies in cinema ady. But honestly, we felt 3G screen was nothing different with normal one. We also have our breakfast and lunch in the mall. Kim Gary and a Chinese restaurant which i forgot the name ady. Ermm, those foods there are expensive and not so delicious after all. Indeed we were satisfied those foods along the roadside stall which are nearby the sunway hotel at night.

The next day, after we had our buffet breakfast in hotel, we went Queesbay shopping again. So happy that i bought a nice formal shirt.^^ Only now I have realised that in every boutique shop, 'man are not allow' in ladies fitting room. Therefore, when i want to try shirt, my darling only can wait outside. so pity. After that, we both went to watch Robin Hood. During that time i felt not very well in cinema. My stomach ache and felt wanted to vomit after I have ate a bowl of baked cheese tuna rice and a tiramisu blended drink. It was nice and delicious but i can't finished my food also. It made me bloated. After the movie, we both rush back to Kampar at 5.30pm and 2n half hrs reached Kampar.

Nothing much to write, time passed too fast and lots of memories and feelings only can remain in my mind. Darling, wherever we are, i'm love to be with u.^^