Monday, October 25

Bye 1st annual dinner

Finally our utc 1st Annual Dinner is over yesterday. We had started to prepare and prepare more than 1 month, proposal,meeting, discuss, bought gifts, wrapping presents, informing clubs,committees and other..all end. Although people say that i stupid and not worth in putting so much effort on it, but since u have responsibility to do so, i should give it all. Honestly i am happy and has remain a deep memories with them.^^
When the event start, i'm so excited and busy working in the receptionist.WOW..difficult to express my feeling that time. luckily Leong Wei helping us. There are not so many guest attending the dinner and the whole program flow are worst. Everyone make mistakes even me. Being scolded by Sir. haiz.. i'm didn't have potential to being a waitress. So bad that i even no time to serve my loved one which waiting behind the stage. This few days keep on making serious mistakes. Must remember and don't repeat it. During working that time, i miss my darling so much.. donno how was he inside there. like being pity neh. We so happy we can meet during the games session, he looks like free from jail..haha.. after finished his meal. He went back to jail again.:( During the open dance floor, everyone look enjoyed. Just felt like clubbing, but i didn't went clubbing before de. Those songs i likes so much and we started to dance.^^

After finished the event, some of us went to Fat Fat restaurant supper.. What a tired day.

Monday, October 11

我很想念去年的日子。 可以为所欲为,不知那么得潇洒。
先在的自己不像自己,所讲的话是真是假, 已分不清了。