Tuesday, June 15

Rush hour

Just past the 14Th of jun 45min ago. Yesterday my time really packed and fulled.
Now, i feel tired, sleepy and my butt so pain, i think this happened maybe because of i wearing tight jeans and i sitting too much and too long. I'm busy on this whole day and even i can't get my meal on time. I'm woke up in earlier morning around 6.30am and attending my Law class at 8am, so that i've to rush back kampar. But luckily my dad fetch me to the campus, if not, i surely late for the class.
** Today's class are quiet good and i can understand in the lesson especially the Law lecture and QT tutorial. Because I sat alone ma, so i can concentrate more. Btw, i also lonely there er:(
**Then I having all day class until the class end at 8pm. I thought i can happily enjoyed dinner with my darling after the last class. But not, in the afternoon we have received a sms that we need to go meeting at 8.30pm. The time that given to us was so rush until I wish to hang myself. Therefore, We skip our dinner and having supper in pasar after the meeting end at 11.05pm.
** I cannot stand anymore, it's better go to sleep now. nite.

Saturday, June 5

hate this

What a boring day.. no one talk to me whole day and a have nothing to tell and share also. i'm wasting my time in fb and watching tv and also fall sleep when doing my tutorial. I even stupid in waiting someone calling and sms. i really upset by waiting this until i can't sleep at night.. From now on, i won't expecting so much and let it be.. i don want to say much as long as this is not something important..
I remember what u tell me and i still keep thinking of it. i'm mad.