Sunday, November 28

Enchanted Fairy Tale night

Yesterday my darling and I went for Grand Kampar Hotel for the prom night which is organised by the Art and Craft society. I first time going this kind of function wit my love one, heavy make up on my face and he likes it. The ball room there have a nice decoration, nice buffet, good show.. but is just lack of dining table. We took alot of photographs. Especially Cally, crazy keep on snap and snap. We also danced, taking photos, looking at beauties. We complement the performers althought they performed sucks songs. :P!! I love the clown, he keep on falling his red nose.hehe.. i didn't bring back the red dog and white rabbit that he give us.^^ We most enjoy the Bani and friends performance. ROCK N ROOLL... cool man. But overall besides the Bani performance, I feel that there is nothing different than our annual dinner..yeah!

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