Sunday, September 19

Sleepless night

Insomnia again, i didn't get a good sleep whole night since start exam (13/9). Now I'm awake and nothing to do. I'm stressed. But thanks for darling beside me and support me all the time.Muacks..
Yesterday i had finished my Corporate and business law exam but just now sleeping also thinking of it. This is the most hardest subject to study in this sem, i really hopes that i can pass. I almost end my second sem 1 yr in a week. Still left 2 paper to go ( marketing and Macro).
After finished our exam yest, my darling and i went to Ipoh had our dinner and watching Piranha at 10.15pm. This movie Really...Bloodiness...Horrible..Vomit. Piranha spoils cute fish images in my mind. First time watch this kind of movie in cinema leh. The most funny was i grabbed his hand and shorts from the beginning until end of movie.^^ i enjoyed the day so much. taste of ć…ˆè‹ŠćŽç”œ. Then we went back Kampar at 12am.

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